Prior to problem gambling resulting in tensed relationships,
financial problems and a health hazard seek help
and turn your luck around! 

  • Opportunità ta’ esklużjoni minn ħwienet tal-logħob

    Il-Fondazzjoni għal-Logħob Responsabbli, taħt il-gwida tal-Awtorita tal-Logħob, tipproċessa diversi formoli ta’ esklużjoni minn postijiet tal-logħob madwar Malta u Għawdex kollu. Ċemplu 1777 għal appuntament mal-istaff professjonali tal-Fondazzjoni.
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  • Players to benefit from the introduction of a unified Self-Exclusion System

    The Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) would like to congratulate the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in its positive initiative of setting up a unified self-exclusion system for all its Remote Gaming licensees. This system will provide players with further protection through the creation of a unified system; a system which will enable players to self-exclude themselves […]
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  • L-RGF bi preżenza fuq il-programm Kalamita

    Ta’ kull ġimgħa se nkunu qegħdin ngħaddu l-messaġġ tal-Fondazzjoni għal-Logħob Responsabbli permezz tal-programm Kalamita. Grazzi talli ssegwuna.
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  • Lejn edukazzjoni ħolistika kontra l-vizzju tal-logħob

    Tkompli l-Kampanja Edukattiva fost aktar studenti tal-Primarja. Il-Fondazzjoni għal Logħob Responsabbli #RGF torganizza wkoll laqgħat ta’ diskussjoni ma’ studenti Universitarji u ġenituri ta’ tfal f’livell Primarju dwar ir-realtà tal-problema tal-vizzju tal-logħob fis-soċjetà tagħna. Aktar dettalji fit-#TORĊA tal-lum u fuq #inewsmalta. #RGF #TORĊA #INEWSMALTA #EducationCampaign Għamlu like u share fuq il-paġna tagħna ta’ facebook:
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  • About Us

    Foundation Background

    The Responsible Gaming Foundation was founded on the 18th February 2014 by the then parliamentary secretary for competitiveness and economic growth Edward Zammit Lewis and by the then social solidarity minister Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. The requirement for an independent Foundation emerged following the debate in Parliament on the amendments of the Lotteries and Other Games Act (Cap.438 of the Laws of Malta) to introduce regulations governing land-based gaming parlours. The Government and Opposition agreed on the establishment of a fund to promote responsible gaming and initiatives/studies in relation to responsible gaming measures and actions.


    To create a wider awareness of the extent, possible causes and consequences of problem gaming in Malta with a view to preventing it and to provide the necessary support and advice to problem gamblers and their dependents in their recovery efforts.


    The Foundation shall administer funds donated or collected from the Maltese gaming sector, be it online or offline, and direct them to its main mission. This has been identified as:

    1.To administer funds collected for the support mechanisms for individuals who are in some way affected by gambling-related problems;
    2.To promote fair gaming and responsible markets;
    3.To undergo further research into problem gambling;
    4.To increase awareness on gambling addiction through information campaigns;
    5.To embark on advertising campaigns earmarked at convincing gamblers to stop;
    6.To assist and promote activities alternate to gambling;
    7.To promote and/or provide services for the rehabilitation of problem gambler;
    8.To protect the young and vulnerable; and
    9.To safeguard against money laundering.

    Commitment and Perseverance

    The Responsible Gaming Foundation believes that it is crucial for the officers to foster the right level of commitment towards its stakeholders, the Fund, and its projects and demonstrate perseverance in achieving its objectives.

What is Responsible Gaming?

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Mr. Vincent Muscat


Mr. Vincent Muscat

Mr Vincent Muscat commenced his career within the Malta Public Service in 1992 at the Department of Social Security where he was assigned various roles and progressed through various General Service grades.
He has served on several departmental and ministerial committees and fora in Malta as well as on the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter in Strasbourg.
He has always kept himself up-to-date and developed his skills and knowledge further through courses offered by the Public Service.
He graduated from the University of Malta and is currently reading for a Masters degree in Business Administration.
He occupied the position of Director Corporate Services at the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties with effect from September 2014.
In December 2016 Mr Muscat was appointed Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Tourism. As of June 2017, he is the Permanent Secretary (Financial Services and Identity) within the Office of the Prime Minister.

Ms. Priscilla Muscat

General Manager

Ms. Priscilla Muscat

Psychologist at Mater Dei and General Manager at the Responsible Gaming Foundation.

Getting Help

  • Online Support

    Email or chat live with a counsellor.
  • Helpline 1777

    You can call RGF’s Helpline 1777 for free. Confidentiality is guaranteed, the caller can even choose to stay anonymous.  The counsellors are available to give advice and to offer their help.

Self-Barring Form

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Laws & Regulations

In this section you can find the laws and regulations relating to lotteries and gaming regulation in Malta. Laws and regulations are available in the two official languages of Malta – Maltese and English.

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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about gambling. If you have other queries, kindly send us an email on

What is gambling?

Actually there is no single, clear cut definition of what gambling is but it is widely agreed that:

  • Two or more people agree to take part in the activity (usually an operator and the person who wishes to gamble)
  • Normally money (the ‘stake’) is paid by the loser to the winner
  • The outcome is uncertain
  • The result is determined at least partly by chance
  • Participation is an active experience but can be avoided by not taking part.

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is an urge to continuously gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. Problem gambling is often explained by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others, rather than by the gambler’s behavior. Severe problem gambling may be diagnosed as clinical pathological gambling if the gambler meets certain criteria. Pathological gambling is a common disorder that is associated with both social and family costs.

Can we help?

Yes everyone can help the foundation from businesses to individuals, by filling out the donation form found here ……. and forward it by email on ………………… or by post at Palazzo Spinola, Saint Christopher Street, Valletta VLT 1465, Malta.

What is the player's charter?

Players Charter is a document which was written in order to set out guidelines for both the authority personnel as well as to consumers related to gambling and standards of service.


How many Gaming Companies are registered in Malta?

During 2014 there were 360 remote online betting companies registered in Malta, 40 gaming parlors, 4 casinos and 4 bingo halls.


Call Centre Helpline 1777

The Responsible Gaming Foundation has started to operate the National Gambling Helpline 1777. Below you can find two (2) leaflets in Maltese and English promoting this service.   “Life is the game I choose to play.. Do not be afraid […]
Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays businesses and organisations can no longer ignore certain social and environmental issues that are so dear to service users. Service users expect companies and organisations to make a positive impact on the world around them. To this end, the […]

Education Campaign

The Responsible Gaming Foundation will be working in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Employment to raise awareness about Responsible Gaming among all year 4 students in Malta and Gozo (state, church and independent schools). This campaign will be […]

Contribute to RGF

At EU level, between 0.5% and 2% of those who make use of gaming services end up with some sort of addiction. Youths are 5 times more exposed to addiction than adults. More awareness about responsible gaming needs to be fostered!

Your donation today will go a long way in helping us prevent pathological gaming, provide support to whoever suffers from it and continue to lead the search for more preventative measures. Make a donation to support responsible gaming.

You can download the form and send it together with a cheque or affect a bank transfer.

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