November 05, 2018

Nowadays the gambling problem has become a social reality out there and help does exist in the form of the Responsible Gaming Foundation.

This time we are proud to form part of the 2nd issue of ”iGaming Capital”, a groundbreaking new Maltese publication focusing on the gaming industry in Malta.

Many thanks go to Content House Group for their collaboration.

”iGaming Capital” is distributed to all gaming companies in Malta, affiliated businesses and selected operators overseas.

Gambling problem?
Seek help
CALL 1777
(All information will be treated confidentially)

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Il-vizzju tal-logħob huwa realtà soċjali u l-għajnuna teżisti fi ħdan il-Fondazzjoni għal-Logħob Responsabbli.

Din id-darba ninsabu kburin li qegħdin nifformaw parti mit-tieni pubblikazzjoni tal-magażin ”iGaming Capital”, pubblikazzjoni ġdida Maltija li tiffoka fuq l-industrija tal-logħob f’Malta.

Grazzi tmur lil Content House Group għall-kollaborazzjoni tagħhom.

”iGaming Capital” jitqassam lill-kumpaniji tal-logħob kollha f’Malta, intrapriżi affiljati u operaturi magħżulin barra minn xtutna.

Problema bil-vizzju tal-logħob?
Fittex l-għajnuna
ĊEMPEL 1777.
(L-informazzjoni kollha tiġi ttrattata b’mod kunfidenzjali)

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